Marijuana Stop!

       This happened to me when i was 23 years old. One day of October, a friend from the city where i was studying, called me and told me that she will come with her ex boyfriend and two friends of him, to pick me up from my village and to go in a town near here. Specifically in a place out of the town, where there is water good for the health and you can swim or you can sit for a drink. I agreed and we hung up the phone.

        After some hours, around 23:00 at night, i was in the car with my friend and three unknown men. I thought that they were good guys, i was trusting my friend. The ex of my friend would go in Australia the next month, that's why he decided to spend the last days in Greece with his friends, making crazy things like to travel to the cities of northern Greece almost every night. They had beers in their hands and soft drinks. They offered me but i didn't take. I said "No thank you, i will drink at the bar". The one answered "We are not going to sit at the bar, we will just swim", "Ok, but I won't swim" i said.

        The route it was around 40 minutes. After a normal discussion they started to behave weird. They were smoking and drinking beers. Only the driver was drinking soft drink. They were saying ramblings and they were laughing. "Why they are laughing?" i asked my friend. "I don't know" she answered "but you should laugh with them." She was laughing too. She was so cool with the whole situation. I should not trust her. In a little time the car was full of smoke. I was feeling dizzy and headache. I was afraid of them, that maybe they wanted to make us something bad.

        Suddenly the car stopped. On a street where there were no lights. The guy who was driving wanted to go for his natural need. I was thinking that maybe he was lying and i was waiting to see what it will be following. They got out all except me and my friend. Oh my God, what will we do if they attack to us? Where we will run? We are in the middle of nowhere. But fortunately he was telling the truth. So, they entered in the car and we started to go. And they started to smoke again and to say confused words and to laugh without reason. I am scared, i want to go home.

        Finally, after little time we arrived. There were people around who were swimming or sitting and talking. The guy who was driving went to swim, the ex of my friend wanted to make love with her and the third one wanted to kiss me but i showed him that i don't want.

        After some minutes, we decided to go back. So, we entered in the car and it followed the same scenery. Smoke and laughs. My head is turning around... I have headache... I feel the smoke inside my brain... It making me feel bad and it smells awful. How is it called? Herb? Marijuana? Ηashish? We are going and we are going, when we will arrive? I am so scared. I feel dizzy... Oh my God, help me to arrive in my home... to arrive safe.

        Five minutes before we arrive in my village we stopped out of a farm. Oh no... They wanted to take photos of some deers there. They got out of the car and i got out too. I was need fresh air. They were teasing a deer and they made it angry. After that, we entered in the car and finally we arrived in my village. They left me a little away from my house. We said goodbye. I didn't show them even one moment that i was scared and i didn't tell something to my friend.

        I couldn't believe that i was walking in the fresh air far away from them. I was smelling awful. My hair, my body. I arrived at home, i entered in, i locked the door and i collapsed on the couch. Thank you God! Thank you! I am in home and i'm alive! I don't believe it! I thought that they could have raped us. I had a bath and i lay in the bed. My head is still turning. When will stop this thing???

Finally i slept.

Please correct my mistakes :)

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  • Rosomary and Roman thank you for your comments. I thought they would be a normal meeting with good people. I couldn't imagine...

  • Omg, Elen! How could you be so frivolous? And your friend... What did she expected? She knew her ex bf... Good to know that you reach home safe! And thank you for sharing!
  •    Thanks God  u have made it save back to home coz u were 23  and so young  . It must have been a terrifying  experience  

  • AG, how come you decided to read my old blogs? I have forgotten them. :D

    Of course I learnt a lesson. I was younger and naive...

  • it's the first time I read this scary blog.. even I felt scary of reading only.. I can't say how stupid it was.. I am happy that you were safe and secure... I hope you learnt a lesson and you didn't repeat it anymore after that.. 

  • Thank you Maththu and Learner, yes beethoven i was very lucky, thanks for your comment.

  • I enjoyed reading your story. You were lucky to be save.
  • Very much informative and nice cohesion..I enjoyed it much..keep continue so that we learn something more

  • Sorry to hear that if it is a real - maththu from Maldives-

  • Thank you Masi for your nice words. Yes, experience makes you wiser. I know about Hashish in Morocco, i am doing a research about it.

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