manners matter

What is the main difference between humans and animals? My opinion is humans have good manners and animals don't have it. Politeness is a very important part of one's behavior. A person's manners give us an idea of his education, family background and his cultures.

It's not only important to show manners in our real lives, but also in virtual lives. Some people tend to forget their manners while chatting. They forget that they are chatting with real people. They ask questions directly about age, gender, current relationship status or any other personal matters. But they should keep it in their mind that those they are chatting with are real people. Will you ever ask those questions to anyone directly in your real life? I guess 'no' is the answer. Then why in chatting? 

Good manners make others feel comfortable. So when we are here to improve our English or to make friends, it will be prudent for us to show good manners. And thus EC will be a better place to learn English together and also a place for friendship.

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  •  @GREEN: Agreed GREEN. Parents and teachers bear the most responsibility to teach manners to the kids. But we can't also deny our responsibility in teaching then good manners. Cause children learn from the surroundings.

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  • A good teacher can teach good manners indeed. A teacher can shape his/her students and society.

  • @prem: You asked the question that how to judge a person who hides his personality under the mask of manners and you also answered it. So we don't need to worry about judging, cause God is there to take care of it.

    But I believe that a person can't hide his personality for too long. If s/he fakes her/his good manner, then s/he will not be able to continue it for long. His/her real-self will come out soon. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog :)

  • But...some people have dual personality........they cover their dark faces under their good manners and try to show that they are the priest......than how can we judge a person who have mask of manners.

    How good your intentions are....the world only judge you by your presentation...........but how good your presentation are God only judge you by your intentions 

  • @Reeyaz: Bro, I could not agree more with your words... :)

    @Nishan.5: I only compared those humans to the animals who have the biological structure of a human but the mentality of an animal or lower than that. They should not be named as a human. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog :)

  • hello dear frd....humans have millions of nerve cells but,the animals they have not or very less...pls dnt compare with animals.remain..some kind of the humans r like animals we can see everywhere.they have millions of nerve cells but their behavior showing they have not.what we can do?

  • How much we join here with fake names and fake profiles, every time we log in with these fakes. the real inner you and your intentions take over you, and just shows who the real you are covered inside the veil of social disguise.It doesn't matter what introduction question you ask,it is the choice who you want to be a friend or dumb shit pervert.We all who join here are make your choices and decision precisely.

  • Hi Nalisekhar! Thanks for liking my blog and leaving a comment. Don't worry about the mistakes now. Cause when we make a mistake without knowing, it's not considered as a mistake. Your comment proved that you know your manners very well :)

  • Yeah,tintin I did these mistakes here.I didn't know how they feel when i asked like that. now I realised my mistakes. Definatly I willn't try to do like that again. Thank you so much for your kind information.
  • Thank you so much Rosalind for your wise comment and for sharing about your experience in EC. Yes, in real life we can get an idea about who we are talking with. But here in EC it's only possible to know what someone shares about him/her. But still I think it's not decent to continue questioning someone about what s/he does not want to share. Moreover we are here to learn and practise English. So I think the personal details should not be our concern. Though if we continue talking with someone for a while, a friendship can be built up. And after building up a friendship, we tend to talk more about ourselves.

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