Gadgets are the magic wand of today's generation. Their life is dependent heavily on it. They spend most of their time on it, especially for fun and entertainment purposes. In terms of studying, it has replaced books, dictionaries, and even teachers in many ways. Some students prefer reading ebooks to the hard copy version. However, based on my observation, only a few students make the best use of gadgets for studying purposes.

In my opinion, gadgets especially smartphones are analogous to a knife in their use. If we don't use it effectively and wisely it will do us more harm than give us optimum benefit. For example, some of my students use their smartphones to improve their English language competence through reading comics, watching English video tutorials, listening to songs, and many others. They take note of new vocabulary they encounter. So, when they take a written test, they score highly. On the other hand, most students who use their smartphones mostly for fun are just wasting their time and get no lasting benefit. They score poorly on the written exam and have low literacy skills. 

Based on my students' cases, I can conclude that teachers should tirelessly remind their students to make the best use of their gadgets if they are to get dividends in their investment of buying smartphones. Otherwise, their money and time are spent on something useless.

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Yeri Ekomunajat. I am an English teacher in Yogyakarta Indonesia. I have been teaching for the last 13 years and witness the fruit of my work in the success of my students' careers and studies. Teaching has shaped me into the person I am today. I feel a great sense of accomplishment in my job.

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