Love, what is the secret that lies behind that word? I always try to avoid talking or even mentioning it. Of course, the subject needs more than a blog to write about. Naturally, we have to include the general concept of the word.  It is a feeling of liking someone or something very much.  They say that love is a feeling of deep regard, devotion and fondness. A strong feeling of affection, attraction and eagerness, you name it, a strong desire to be with someone, and share feelings. I tried it two or three times quite a few years back, and I was hit in the tank, as they say.  The experience was very hard for me. The question, why was it so important or necessary for us? Can we live without it? Here, I am speaking generally about love. The love of money, my mother and my work, ,,, etc.  

The answer is very simple.  We need it badly. Most crimes of the world happened because of it. Many sacrifices were done because of it. No need to mention the man who killed another man because he took his love from him, or the young man who committed suicide because his girl married another one. The list is very long. Again, the question, why is it so necessary for us? Of course, we cannot use hate as a substitute, can we?

Some people say that the love of the country is from the love of the woman. I wonder if that supposition is true or no! We have heard about one of the kings of France who gave up the throne for the woman he loved. The first time I fell in love, I tried to resist it. I used to swim against the stream but it was indeed very painful and difficult. The current was very strong. I was week. The second time, I convinced myself that I had to surrender.  I need you guys to write about love. Someone will definitely come out with the big article. It's a challenge, let's do it. 

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  • Khaili mamnoon dost khobam Saba! wala how did Farhad dug that mountain or was it a tunnel? Thanks my lady for your nice comment.

  • Some people say love means digging mountain with hands like the love story of Farhad and Shirin.

  • Anu ang ginagawa mo, Liz? Maraming salamat liz para koment mo. I hope to be one of your friends, could I? Thanks for your comment on that blog.

  • Wow..well done. I really like how you define love in many ways.  Especially "Most crimes of the world happened because of it." I must agree! :) I'm looking forward to your next blog. :) Two Thumbs UP!! 

  • Koy baat nahi Romance. Meri Urdu acha nahi hain. I hope you correct me from time to time to improve my broken language. Thanks for your meaningful comment on that blog.

  • Bahut shukriya Nilseh. Thanks for your nice comment on the blog, love.
  • this is a funtastic explanation of love in simple and easy ways. I like it.

  • Mambo Anselmina Shinyaka, Thanks for those nice words about love! You are very sincere and delicate person. I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks again for commenting.

  • rada to me love is my strength as much as i know someone loves and cares for me i dont see anything is difficult. and i cant imagine life without our loved ones

  • Apa kabar mu Didi? Saya cinta Tuhan dan teman ku, Didi Rahman. Extend my regards to your family and friends.

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