Living room vocabulary

Two of the most problematic areas in learning a language like, for example, English, is new vocabulary and the pronunciation of it.  If you're talking with a native English speaker about their home life or you are in their home, for example, you will feel much more comfortable listening to them when you know the names of things they are talking about.  That you know their names and how to pronounce them, is very important.

Please check out the following video on YouTube about things found in a living room.  It's a simple slideshow with English pronunciation.  Watch it right to the end and if you liked it, click 'like', and if you want to see more videos like that or you want to watch different free videos, add suggestions in the comments section below and then subscribe, to get notifications of more newly released videos that will help you on your English learning journey.

Good luck, and hopefully we'll hear from you in the near future.


Hi, I'm Gary and I'm a native English speaker and online ESL teacher from the UK. I've been teaching English online for the past nine years, and have 10 years of experience in teaching.
I'm the author and producer of the audiobook, 'Mastering English Like a Native English Speaker, Vol 1', which has been selling consistently online for the past few years.

My wife and I also now produce ESL materials for learners on YouTube. We have just begun but we will be building our channels over the weeks to come, as time permits (with looking after two young children at the same time!) . We welcome everyone to come and join our channel and to learn English with us. Our YouTube name is 'Learn English with the Kemptons'.

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  •  I watched the video and found new words. Thank you 

    • Thank you for watching and for your comment, Vivi.  Much appreciated!

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