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This is Danny’s Writing Challenge.

“If I Were an Inventor”. 

If I could invent anything that would have been ‘love’.  But love cannot be an invention.  An invention of a thing is made which does not exist previously. But love is there since the time memorial.  Yes, love is always there, it is another thing that we have forgotten it, or have buried it in the dust and/or ashes of our meanness, our hypocrisy, our selfishness. It would, therefore, be a discovery, a reviving, an incarnation, an avatar. 

There is so much lacking love despite its demand to prevail among us, within us, imbibe the very whole of us.  Love is needed for peace, to let people live in peace, happiness, tranquility, harmony.  There is the disaster all around us, natural and or man-made. Humanity is being destroyed, people are dying in numbers of hundreds and thousands by the tyranny of their own people or by the other oppressors in the name of helping the oppressed. So there is need to discover, to unearth love, rather than any invention.  And God knows whether we are going to use any invention for the benefit of mankind or for destroying it. Can’t we seek for the love only?



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  • Thanks Rosemary for your nice comment. I am happy you like it.

  • Thanks, Arisha for your lovely comment.

  • We all have so much love inside but it has hidden some where and may be scared to come out, just we have to convince it that it so good and we all need it every moment of our life, without its existance it is really hard to servive in this beautiful world...
  • AG

    Is there anything above than LOVE?

  • hehehehehehe.. even when you invent you go to love :D 

  • Thanks, Bet and Elf for your appreciating comments.

  • Now a days, LOVE really need to be discover who need it.. :)

    nice blog with meaningful thoughts..

  • Thanks Misha for sharing, really love also means peace, help, courage of  saying the truth, stretching hands to save people.....saying good morning also!

  • Thanks Onee, I am glad you like  it.

  • Thanks Earza for your unique comment.

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