Law on Nursing

Law on Nursing was something. Something that presents the expectations and challenges. Hopes for human nurses due to the legalization of the Act, the nursing profession has been recognized and aligned its existence with other professions, especially the medical profession who had already had a law. During the nursing profession as if existence is underestimated. Between being and not, in fact its presence is needed, but the award away from needs. Legislation nursing is a challenge. The challenge for nurses to prove that nurses are professional health workers are able to organize nursing services responsible, accountable, quality, safe, and affordable by nurses who have high ethical and moral, certificate, registration and licensing. With such demands, the nursing profession should be able to answer by providing services in a professional manner. Service not only based on mere instinct but must be guided by science.

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  • Kamu tahu apa? Imyati, Saya mau menjadi sakit karena saya mau diperlakukan. It's not advisable to have a wish to be sick in order to be under the hands of a professional nurse.

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