Journey of Life......

    When life turns we don’t know, in certain age or life cycle of human the situations may change the pattern of life (heart beat) movements and these are drivers of our life. Bearing of these heart beats depend on how you accept and feel, if your heart fees limitless happiness then life goes good like  sleeping on a bed with flowers spread over it on, if not then living in a dark room like a devil and everything looks hell even though what everything you have. So friends enjoy the present moments and never allow negative thoughts in your mind. Whatever you wish and want just believe it and live in it thereafter it will come into your reality.

Remember always think and wish for good, it will come into existence in your life, this is the secret of life journey.


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  • A good action yields pleasure. A bad deed grows uneasiness. A journey of life sometimes turns right - good action and sometimes turns left- bad action. Therefore, we sometimes feel happy and sometimes sad. In sadness, we account ourselves sincerely so as to pull ourselves out of this various circle.
  • Very nice I too experience the same,If i feel negating everything around me turns into negativity.

    Life is full of ups and downs so being positive will provide us the courage to face any kind of situation.

    Thanks Raja for sharing !!

  • Alice, You are correct!

  • I guess it is how we choose to face the circumstances life presents to us that matters.  We can either be in despair or live through it fighting and overcoming it.

  • this very difficult when you life in society all people they think their life in hell .

    so so difficult.

  • You mean always be happy whatever the circumstances.  This is spirituality of high standard.

  • Kiya haal hain Raja, me pata hain tum zindigi pasan ziada chayai. I really like this journey very much but I like to have something to carry with me during this journey, like water, food and a good powerful spirit. Some of us like to take this journey depending on what they can take while going on. They just take it without anything.

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