Internet Marriage

I do not know how to begin this. It is a story about a fifty five year old man falling in love with a woman who is twenty years younger than him. First, I am wondering if that is possible or not! However, the experience is somehow strange and a bit complicated. It started on the internet. The internet and what will make you know the internet! They say it is a double edged weapon. It can cut both ways. Of course, you know what I am trying to say.

They were a teacher and a student. Suddenly it became something else. He gave her more time on Skype compared to the other students whom he had on his Skype list. The flame of love increased and he knew that it was not about teaching at all. The longing and passion during their sessions were obvious at least from his side. She was in another country and in another continent. It took several hours to fly there but he decided to meet her. To make the story short, they met. Her family was delighted and happy and at once the marriage took place.  

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  • I'm partial-time professor at the university.

    I must be careful :) 

  • Como vai Divina, hola senorita. Muchas gracias for your nice comment. You laughed at some persons on English club. You see that is the most dangerous part about it, as the matter of fact, the problem arises from that corner. you see what I mean Divina, it's like buying a water melon without tasting or opening it.


  • Ola Mariho. Eu estou feliz meu amigo. You have given a nice picture for Internet Marriage. Thanks Joao!
  • Sending my opinion. An experienced teacher (55yold) met someone who's completed him and vice versa. Every element for a good relationship was present, atraction, comunication and mutual admiration. as every marriage they wiil face hard moments, but if that relationship was organized on mature talks, so I think that all barriers (cultura, language, age diference) will be transposed. And they could live happies forever till the death (or others usual troubles) separate them.

  • Love comes to our lives when we are not ready for her. I think that we should give change to her, because if we ignore her we can all live think what it will be happend if we do. So i try to say, that i can give change to internet love, because i met my first love exactly in internet and now we are 4 years together. And we are happy

  • Age is not obstacle for love, love never fails and never ruins.Love will make us together, without love world cant give life to tremendous people.


    The foundation to a true love is the knowledge - well i am talking about the love between a couple, because there are other kinds of loves.

    People may know each other by net, but would it be enough? And if have these people so different culture?

    Is not it important to know the family of both of then too. And if parents from woman don't allow the wedding?

    there are many risk around this story.

  • for me love on internet its not real.....because when  you get attention from others 

    you will love them by Instinct....thanks for share this subject Dara.

  • Halet chetore Ali, wa mamnoon. It seems to me that the number of those who are pro Internet Marriage is fading somehow. At the beginning of your comment, your description to it, was amazing and slowly, you went to say, it would not last forever. Thank you Ali, my handsome student!

  • Nasilsin Lila ve tesskkur ederim benim arkadas! I am glad you did not like that story. Rarin described it as risky and dangerous, but you are brave enough to express your feeling about it. The mysterious or the unknown is not attractive to ourselves. Some people like that. Thanks Lila!

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