I promise

As I concider myself being one of MyEc community, I used to take part in its different parts such as: bloging, reading , commenting, interacting with others through greetings and chatting too. Strong emotional relationships were set and true friendship was born.

I've never imagined that I will be emotionally and concreatly close to My Ec, the way I am now.

For me it was just automatic to open MyEc page to feel the worth amount of enjoyment in being with you all my friends.

I will start with Tara, who thank to her efforts, I could jump from reader to writer with her newly challenges.

I will never forget those who made me feel at ease by their kindly welcoming cards and comments.

I will always be grateful to all the kindness and generousity , my dear friend Bill the English Teacher, held to me.

Yes, myec provided me knowlegde and eternal feelings of love, care and joy with those who through time became equal to my family in real life.

My dearest Muge, karenina, Nadira, Nadiyah, Skoon, Nida, Lynne,Leaa, Rose, Duece, Zahra you were truthful friends.

My dear brothers: Dreamer and Manaf who were so protective and caring so that I have ever meant to call you brothers and not friends.

My best friends, my heart diamonds; Atika, Manuella, Monika and gentle Fa. I cannot imagine my life without your shining stars insite my heart. I will carry our friendship till the end. Whether far or near our friendship will stand.

I am getting tired.

My duties, my job and mind weight on me, and it is becoming hard.

I decided to take a break my friends.

Time for me to say goodbye.

I will leave my page as a memory.

Knock on its door when you miss me.

Smile each time you say my name.

It is not easy for me but it must go this way.

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  • Dear Nebia,

    You do  resolutely, and we must respect your decision! Some time later, I think when things change, you, perhaps, or certainly,will return. :) All your friends will be waiting for you!


  • My dear Nebia!

    I saidly read your new blog,I was on the verge of crying inside,but I do understand you.

    I don't know how to say,but You have to mesure up to a lot of things,it might be tiring after a while.

    Take your time,have a rest and come back as soon as you feel yourself relaxed,or just drop in  sometimes(as I do...)

    I truly honor your friendship,and I must thank you many things,especially for your utmost kindness and thoughtfullness!

    Come back soon,sis!


  • My dearest Nebia ....

    So impressive a piece of blog ....Thanks a lot for sharing with us ....I do feel the same as you do ...I also feel so close to my friends here and I do see MyEC as my safe home where I can express myself and I can learn a lot ....I enjoy my time passing by EC...

    You are such a nice friend, dear ...I do understand your situation ...We have a lot to do and it's sometimes so difficult to manage to be here ...Take a break dear ...But do not leave it forever ...From time to time,at least once a month come here and spend some time with us; a single blog or discussion at least ...Yet, I know lots of comments and replies would be difficult to manage ....

    Anyway, I hope that you have the most beautiful moments possible in your life ...

    Have all the best, dear ...

    May God be with you and your family throughout your life

    Keep smiling :)


  • I often see interesting members leaving the forums (ESL-forums), where I recently became a mod. They were members who had more than thousand posts and were virtually respected by others, and at some point they never returned back. I think this either happens when some changes take place in the person's world-view/ ideology or when achieved a certain social status, or when grew up mentally, spiritually and therefore found a better place to express thoughts/ ideas. Whatever it is, we should accept normally..People come and go..

  • Too pity hearing that..I, personally, managed to balance it..


    Good luck!

  • Dearest Nebia,

    Does this post really mean what i understood ? Oh, my God, how can i do to understand such a goodbye message ? I am sorry sweet Nebia, but you will have to explain things to me or i will always be full of unanswered questions....

    I just hope you will come back here as Karenina did.... You are going to be missed and EC won't be the same for me anymore.

    Oh why ?

    Love you sister and i wish all is fine for you.



  • Dear Nebia, your blog is so nice. Thanks for writing it. I don't want to tell you what you should do or shouldn't do. However, as your friend, I want to tell you my true feelings about your decision. If you need break, you can go and take it but there is no need to leave EC completely. You can leave your page here and come back when you have time. Anyway, I hope you be healthy and happy wherever you are and whatever you do. Thanks for your nice card on my page as well. It made my day!

  • We'll miss you, nebia! Don't forget to drop in when you are on the Internet. We're waiting here for you to come back soon. Good luck!

  • I cannot cry, am choked, yet we love you and we have to respect your decision.

    we will be here for you take  a rest sweet freind, you will see many updates and greetings, will not expect  a reply to every mail, yet thsi is my next mission.

    The main  concept in linfe is peace, I can understand .Hugs  to you and be happy sweet hert 

    love you always  dearest sister.


  • seems a bit sad...welcome to homecoming events....

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