I fell in love with seafood

I like seafood because it so good,tasteful and feast.
This food is incomparable then the other food.
Seafood also has protein,fat,vitamin b6 and others.
Seafood also has a variety of preparation, ranging from sweet,sour,spicy and others.
And it can be fried,for example like shrimp and squid.

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  • I also like seafood, because it's not only delicious bet also has many benefits for the body. I really like squid and seaweed

  • I like seafood, too. Have you ever eaten raw seafood? It is commonly eaten in Japan. Do you know sushi. I like it.

  • I'm so sad, I can't eat seafood, because I'm allergic to seafood.

  • I like that food but I'm allergic with that food too

  • wow I also like seafood and it's really good

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