i completed my bachelor degree with so many difficulties those are

i joined bachelor degree in one college it's good college in my town that's why i joined there.

later i found one thing that is our college advertisements are falls advertisements.

then i clearly found one thing after complete degree i can't get any job i found this in my first year degree.

in my school days i love one girl her name is Madhuri unexpectedly she also joined in my college but other group.

while studying first year degree to me and my friend who was studying her group fought for my love(one side love)mathuri. in that fight i fractured my finger. she didn't know about that.

after some period our exams time table was announced then lecturers said every one should submit your records in that time my hand was not support to write while writing i have some pain i was so bothered in that time. i requested my friends wrote records they wrote some records and also i wrote one or two.

exams was starting but i had no interest to write exams but i wrote exams but i didn't study.

because in that time i'm in sooooooooo deep love or attraction(one side love).

after some period exam results was announced i knew my results before because i didn't study.i saw my results and i failed 2 subjects in my first year degree the subjects are Electronics and Computers.

i paid fee for supplementary exam for first year degree in that exam also i failed because in that time also I'm in deep one side love or attraction.

this is about my first year bachelor degree later we will meet again with second year bachelor degree

see you later

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  • Hello nalisekhar

    thank you for your nice blog 

    we should be wise in every thing we do . 

  • Thank you so much friends! for your comments

  • a guy without a brain is like a walking zombie :D

  • Love is for sure the most important thing in our lives. As you mentioned a few times, your love is one side love. To make it mutual, you need to be intelligent and successful. Girls like smart guys with strong personalities. And, of course, to become intelligent you need to study. Life gives you a chance to study - so use it and then you'll see the results! Good luck:)

  • If have set priorities for yourself and follow them strictily, you would ave diminsed your difficulties.

  • Lots of difficulties there, but finally you have made it. So congratulations for your successful first year  :)

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