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  • Today in "Questions With An Obvious Answer": 
    Why do people who have power end up being f*kin as*holes?


  • It's a sad situation that rooted in their past, but hopefully sooner or later this will all change.

  • It is easy to know, simply follow DT, the president.

  • Black cops kill whites too. Why white criminal is allow to kill, but black isn't allow?

    • Hello Dear friend ILYA , I appreciate your point of view who black coppers kill whites , recently one the blacks broke my left back leg and played with my tail too..from my angle is not to kill whites or blacks and pinks  also , not to kill the animals and nature that you've mentioned at your post about to save the environment !.. By the way , nice to meet you  2 ) One of your friend's name is (MICKEY ) she is from China and she didn't come here since 2015 ..I mean she is lost or departed from the club !.. Are you an old member of this site , How did you know her ?.. Thank you..

    • You're welcome, Adriano. You said that you have tail. Are you dog?) I heard that in China have blocked a lot of foregin social networks, probably english club too. I didn't saw her in skype a lot of time too.

  • What's the question?Who said this?Can you show us any statistic?White cops kill black people always?I am not agree !

    • Hello , First I thank you very much for your kindness , secondly ; statistics were publishedn on NY Times and Die Welt months ago , probable you didn't follow the latests news from the USA ,Doesn't matter If you turn to the head , you can figure out the true numbers of deaths from the local papers ..No question ;  I just wanted to learn the opinions of the members , By the way nice to meet you . 

  • Thank you so much!Thank you for your words!God Bless  and light you!

    • Miss Josi , Thank you very much for your comment !

This reply was deleted.