How do your preferences change?

I feel that my favorite thing like kind of favorite music, kind of favorite movie, favorite colour..vv have changed so much compared to 2 years ago. When i was in college I like striking color because I want to look outstanding. But now i like pastel color or dark color such as moss, beige, ochre...vv. 
I think change of living enviroment will affect to your mind and also your preferences. When you change your job or change your accomodation and you meet other people, you will have new perspective on life.
This is about my opinion. How do you think about this?

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  • We make changes in our life conciously or uncounciously.

    I have the same experience with you. When I was very young, I like green. But most of the things I have now is orange. When I was very young, I was a shy girl, but now people around me said that I'm a chatty one. A few years ago, my friends said that I was slim, but now I have to buy new clothes because some of them are too tight.

    I did it unconciously.

    I just read an illustration from a book. There were two men chased by a wild female bear. They realized that they couldn't escape from it. While they were running, one of them took off his shoes and changed it into sport shoes. He also threw away all the burden he brought. His friend laughed and said,"You are really crazy, we can't escape from the bear even if you change your shoes." The first man doesn't care of what his friend said. He kept running and cried out." I don't need to run faster than the bear, I just need to run faster than you."

    This is a very funny story. This one reminds us to make a change. We don't need to expect all around change due to our condition and time we want. One thing that can save us is taking an action to change. Keep moving.

    We have to do it conciously.


  • Hello, Thuy Tran.

    Change begins with our first breath. The only stability of our lives is change itself, because it is the only thing that never can be changed in life.


  •  The changes would come to our lives powerfully like a tidal wave or creepy. They would come for Joyful or unhappy events. They can be happened in our lives whether we want to or not. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hello, Thuy Tran. Yes, my preferences have changed as I get older. I like metal rocks when I was a teen, but now I prefer slow tempo music. Now, I prefer vegetables and fish rather than meat. People's thoughts and body have changed as they get older, so it is natural to change their preferences.

    • yes, when we get older, we take care of our health more.

  • Xin chao Thuy Tran. Of course, they change, preferences are the most things we like. We like them and we have a great alternative to other things As you referred to it in your article, the change in our environment affects our minds and ideas. That is life, Thuy. Every now and then, we move from one stage to the other. Thanks for sharing. 

    • I agree with you. Life is always changing. 

      • Yes. I try to focus on the development during the transition perid of changing.,..


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