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Well.. Everyone has those silence period in their life as if we want to close our ears to all voices around us such as news, complaints of our friends about corrupting world or even small talks. Then what occupies our blurred minds? Of course those teeny tiny whispers louder than outer blusters. Those little burglars stealing our nights.. Everything starts with a word when you put your head on your soft pillow waiting for you all day. Then sentences which have no importance or necessity rush in your head..This chaos starts with innocent attempts " Book.. Yeah what a life the man had, full of struggles. If I were I could not achieve to stay calm like him. Ow today my coworker told a similar story.. Hey time to sleep! Don't start again my detail oriented brain.. Please hush!" Does it lend me ear? Surely no and like an orchestra many different tunes play in my mind irrelevantly. But you know I found a solution at last. When a word pops up, I jump to it and say to myself" sleep, sleep, sleep.. " constantly not to let any mischievous thought break in. I know tiring but not more exhausting than jumbled carnaval of whispers.. Phew I am about to hit the sack and another adventure is on the way :)



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  • Dear Zhi Winter 

    I would totally agree with your strategy of repeating "sleep, sleep." It's like trying to hypnotize those pesky thoughts into submission. It's the mental equivalent of counting sheep, except the sheep are words, and they're not jumping over fences—they're doing the conga line through your consciousness! What personally I do in such a situation is almost the same. The only difference is that I first say, "God, please kick out all those thoughts from my brain" And then I say "You, brain, stupid bastard, shut up and sleep; you have to wake up in a couple of hours." And it does help.

  • Lol Zhi... yes I know what you're talking about and I see you know how to deal with that issue better than me.   Keep on telling us about your 'adventures' jajaj...


    • Good to know there are such people think alike. Whenever I feel like writing something bothering or cherishing me I will post.Who knows

      Thanks for the joyous comment Estanis:) 

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