My dear friends! I'd like to wish each of you and all of you  to experience happiness of love and despair of being left alone, joy of being together and grief of losing what and whom you love, I wish you to burst in laughter and tears, to feel inspiration and disappointment, to learn from the mistakes of others and to make your own. I wish you to enjoy your lives, to stumble and to fall down but always to be able to rise. Otherwords, I wish you all to feel the storm of all emotions a human being can ever feel. Live your lives, don't try to be living corpses. Don't hide from reality and your feelings. What doesn't kill us, makes us invincible. That is what life is all about! But never lose your hope! It is well-known that hope is the last to die.

It seeems to sound a little sad on Valentive's Day, but life is not a piece of cake and we have to live through it not to be sorry for what we haven't done.

Well, I'd like to say that love is one of the greatest feelings  we can experience although it is based on our biochemistry. This feeling has always moved the world! And I am really happy that I have felt it and it has always been mutual! I wish you the same!


Always yours,


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  • Dear Dara! I have never been the USSR patriot although I was born and raised there and had happy and sucessful life living in KIev. But I was one of a very few people who could have such lifestyle and it was unfair. I don't mind your reminding me of those times as we all have to realize the reality. Now my native country, Ukraine, is in war with Russia and this war seems never to end like our deeply-rooted confrontation with Russia. So, let's leave policy alone and stick to more pleasant subjects, OK?

  • Dobro pozhalovat Tanya. I am glad I made you feel that way. Extend my regards to your respected family and friends.

  • Dear Dara! Thanks for joining us! Reading your comment I felt like "Back to the USSR". Are you living in the Russian Federation now?

  • Spasibo Tanya. I hope to learn more from you. On last Valentine's Day, I watched the TV, a young man climbed a high pillar and threaten to make suicide unless his love one agrees to marry him. I hope to be one of your friends. 

  • Eve, my dear friend! You are so sweet, as always! Thanks for your great comment and compliment! As you say, when you post a blog, you'd like to send some message. So, the message I wanted to send is following "Nobody should hide from his life behind any illusory feeling or a computer screen. We all should live full lives feeling free to be ourselves".

    Thank you so much for your understanding and being our friend!

  • Dear Erza! Thanks for your nice comment and your great compliment! If you feel that life is love itself, I am really happy for you. But I disagree with such a point of view. Life, itself is unfair and violent. All alive beings are born and die in pains and throes, many of them never get to know what love and happiness are. It is we, people, who found out such great and desirable words to name absolutely regular natural things like the reproductive, self-preservative and survival instincts. And we love our inventiveness so much and are so proud of it that for many centuries we have been singing songs, writing great poetry, composing great music and  even self-sacrifice in the name of such illusory feelings many people can't even give definition to. And that is so good and right! As we need some shelter to hide from all dirtiness, cruelty, misunderstanding, unfairness we face all around every day of our lives. So, l wish everyone to experience only good, bright feelings although I know it is impossible!

  • Dear Setareh! Thanks for your great comment! It is really good you chose positive options, it means you feel that way and I am happy for you. I wish you would never lose feeling of goodness and love!

    Danny! It is so great to see your comment here. We see each other so rarely and I hope our EC friends will excuse us. I  do like what you said "If we always felt happy, we would never know what happiness is". I agree 100%

  • Wow! What a nice post, darling! I didn't see it yesterday  being so very busy spoiling our dinner (Ha-ha-ha!) Excuse me, sweetheart! I will try to improve my cooking skills (SMILE!)

    To be serious, I agree with everything you said. I will copy your blog and show it to my students for them to realize there is much more to life than career, money and virtual space. I will also copy Modaway's blog with all comments as I'd like my students not to be indifferent, I'd like them to hope, to dream and to suffer, I'd like them to live "full-blooded" lives, to be ready to face any problems and to remain human beings in spite of all. Thank you, my love!

    Well, being Tanya's husband I dare reply to one of the comments.

    Dear  Yusra-Bint Omar L. Amatonding! Speaking about love we mean the general sense of the word, i.e., ability to feel very strong attraction. Sure, our parents are  the first to teach us this feeling showing it out every day. But you can't say that all people experienced it. There are so many orphans and people who have known their parents but are used to say they had better be orphans. Even parents' love is not always unconditional. My wife and I were lucky to be raised in good families. Our parents loved us unconditionally, but there was TOO MUCH LOVE and CARE. I sincerely believe that everyone should live his own life, make his own mistakes and everyone should feel pain of loss and disappointment. If we always felt happy, we would never know what happiness is.

    Estanis, my dear friend! You got what Tanya wanted to say and what a great comment! I am happy to know you!

    My salads were really awful, one was too sweet, the other was too bitter. But my steaks were perfect, medium-rare, exactly what she likes. In fact, it saved my life! (BIG SMILE!)

  • I'm sorry to say this but everyone of us had already experienced Happiness in Love and those persons who made us feel this is our parents.
  • Dear Tanya, thanks for your nice wishes, although I will pick the good parts:D. You are absolutely right that with hope every problem and hardship seems more likely to overcome but if there is no hope even the smallest obstacle seems insuperable. I wish so many happy valentine's days next to your beloved husband.
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