Happy New Year


The last five days of the month of December have special and happy occasions. Starting with Christmas, the New Year's Day, the Independence Day for some countries, birthdays and marriages and many other happy and merry moments. I forgot to say, merry Christmas to all our Christians friends all over the world. Nevertheless, I said that to some of them through private messages and post cards.  I would like to grab this opportunity to say, happy New Year to the whole world. I want to greet my friends on My English Club and wish them a happy New Year.

A special greeting of the New Year to the founder of this useful website Mr. Josef Esberger. The beautiful administrator Tara Benwell.  I hope my greetings of the New Year will extend to those helpful moderators Nadira, the handsome Robbie, Junco, Grace, Expector Smith, Ario, Nafis and T Mal.

I have chosen the song New Year's Day, by the U2 to share with the rest of my friends.  The song is from the eighties but I guess, it has a unique quality. Bonu, larry, Adam and the rest of the team did a good job there, and I hope it can suit this occasion of the new year.  


 For the New Year, one of my Indonesian friends, her name is Fitma. She is one of the members of My English Club, and She has made beautiful accessories for the New Year.  Those who are interested can contact her here, or through her account on Facebook. A sample of her work is here, you can see on her page too. She has been making these ornaments like necklaces, rings and headbands and other different accessories and selling them online for a long time. I am just hoping that the new year 2015 will be a good year for all of us.




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  • Toi ya Vietnam. you have plenty of things to do for that day Liwn. Maybe, you are a big happy family!

  • oh, In my country we always have lunar new year so on the new year day, all of people has a free time to meet my family and make big meal. But when we prepare for lunar new year we always buy alot of things for it....

  • Cam on ban thun! thanks Lien Lien!For the new year's day, I bring a big cake and ten pizzas.

  • What thing do you prepare when you have new year day????

  • u are a faithful muslim.there are a few muslims that try to be friend with Christians or etc.take care my great teacher.

  • thanks a lot for your beautiful post.i wish u all the best.

  • thank you Ms dara

  • Good bye 2014 and WELCOME 2015.wish you my best teacher Dara gino

  • Happy 2015, Dara, and may each day of this year bring you joy and laughter.

  • happy new year friend :)

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