Hajj (2)


The journey of the pilgrim starts from Mecca. Thulhijjah 8th , the day of irrigation, the pilgrim comes to Mecca and stays the night. At the dawn of Thulhijjah 9th, he moves to mount Arafa. Making supplication and duaa, combining the prayers of duhur and assar in advance and continuing to ask The Almighty what he wishes or wants. Before sunset, he must move from mount Arafa to Muzdalifa, another rite area where he combines Ishaa and Magrib prayers together and continues his supplication. Then he collects stones to be thrown at Satan later.

 Thulhijjah 10th  at dawn, he continues  his journey to Mena where he performs the rest of the rites. This is the day of Eid Aladha, or the big feast. The pilgrim can slaughter his sacrifice and cut or shorten his hair. He can also go to  throw the stones at Satan. After this, he can take off his Ihram, but he is not allowed to touch his wife (have sexual intercourse)  or go hunting. After Ifadah Tawaf, the hajji can lie with his woman and go hunting if he wishes. On the third day at Mena, the pilgrim can make the goodbye Tawaf and go home. Hasty pilgrims can stay two days in Mena and perform the goodbye Tawaf and go back home.  Hajj is over. The pilgrim returns from his hajj clean with no sins at all.


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  • Dear sir Dara,

    (I'm sorry,But you know that why i got many times.. hihi..)Actually i don't know many things about your religion.But I felt as, I also participated to Hajj pilgrimage, through your blog.Very interesting and informative posts dear sir.(Hajj(1) & Hajj (2))Also,I could be able to read lots of comments and discussions according to your blogs.Thank you so much dear sir and every commentators.

  • Mashkoor ya Mohammed ala almulahaztha. Of course, the great sins needs a separate repentance. Thanks for explaining this matter to the readers. Mr. Mohammed, try to work with me and Mr. Mishaikh to answer the member's' question about hajj. Thank you! 

  • long journey but Hajj is a journey that every Muslim with the means to, must make before they die if possible.

    My comment on this point (The pilgrim returns from his hajj clean with no SINS AT ALL) 

    The majority of scholars that Hajj expiate minor sins, and the a major sin need separate repentance. 

    Thank you 

  • @Melody

    No. there is big difference.

  • Khahesh mikonam Zahra, dooste khobam. You are always welcome. Extend my regards to your family and friends.

  • Thank you, too, dear Sir Dara for emphasizing on the common points. :)

  • Zannrasja,u Vad. Thanks to the founder of the site, he sent us a large picture for Mecca, Teacher Adaline Bala also sent one photo for Ihram. Mr. Mishaikh sent one too. Try this 


    Thanks for your comment on hajj 2.

  • Maraming salamat Julian Gabayan. Paki nakita blog ko, homophones at koment. Thanks for your nice comment on hajj 2.

  • Hi, I've convinced that it was nice journey. But I can't imaginate it. Maybe a photo will be better for my idea. But thank you very much for your blog. :)

  • thank you Dara,now i slowly aware of muslim faith :)
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