goog luck and good things

What is the human need in life?

The human need in life is good luck or merit. there is no one in the world who refuses good luck or merit

because merit is a good thing and makes people happy and proud. Merit is more valuable than money or diamonds that you cannot hold or touch. Merit is the name of good luck or good things.

All people need merit but there are not many people that earn merit. we cannot buy merit from a shop or market and when you have merit in yourself you don't need to fear that some one will steal from you.

Merit won't decompose or leave If you are still keeping it in your life by doing good things. Please keep good things in the same as salt keeps its saltiness.

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  • i think that  you will be  happy or unhappy  depend on yourself or your  mind. and understand truth thing  that you happy or  happen with you.  there is no one in the world  has only happy never suffering.  the nature  makes  people to be like this,  happy and  unhappy.  beautiful  and  ugly .....

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