God is crazy?

Hi all, 

You may feel crazy after reading this article. These are questions based on the actual things in the world. World means just not only educated guys like us but also many in the world not having a chance to attend any sort of education. 

Generally  men is ruling the world(Most) and women is supporting him. Most of the countries woman depends upon man for anything even in developed world too. On return, woman will take care of family, grow child and meet men's sexual desire(Woman's sexual desire too rarely- world is not just developed world). 

1 Why God created woman week(not always-generally)  but beautiful?

2. Most of the attack against women is due to sexual desire of man, Why God gave attractive body to women? 

3. God gave beautiful body to women for survival if nothing is working for her?

What you think ?

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  • "[...] God created woman week..."

    He did? When?

  • So my friend I feel, God is not crazy. :D

This reply was deleted.