Girl challenged to cat face to face.

A girl responded to the attack of a lion in a zoo in New Zealand with pure acts of love.

Little Sofia visited the pavilion of big cats at Wellington Zoo when he approached the glass to watch a huge African lion.

The animal responded with characteristic aggressiveness of its kind, rushing toward his prey, trying to catch, but Sofia did not seem afraid, rather crystal stroked in a gesture of affection.

The girl was 3 years old in love with the animal, despite its fierce reception, and continued making cuddles with its nose pressed to the glass, spellbound for a moment.

But a caged lion apparently knows no spells or strokes, although they come from a small rider brave.

Seconds later, the cat again hit the glass with their feet, in a desperate to reach his victim.

Closely, the girl's mother was nervous meeting with his video camera, captivated by the scene, but visibly frightened. "Sophie, run away I think he is warning you to stay away," he replies when his daughter tries to ask why the lion reacts that way.    :) 




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  • Yes, I agree with you, Rose, for wild animals requires more privacy, but zoo managers try to make more money with this special room rate for visitors.     :)

  • Hello, Lusy!

    Thank you for your interesting blog!

    I think Leo felt irritation to all visitors to the zoo - all cats like privacy, and feral cats - even more so. And it's a bad idea - to show the wild animals through the glass. Children get used to its security near the wild animals. This can lead to tragedy in their future.

  • Yes, Dear Surawan,

    Picture this natural, long and soft fur. Imagen, have a kitten like this in our homes,hmmm... great no!    :)

  • This lion has beautiful fur and it would be wonderful if human could touch gently on its fur 

    Its eyes don't look fierce at all...

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