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Hello guys :) Just a random thought. What do you guys think on English Language based card games ? I believe it really helps students and kids learn and love English at the same time. Just a random thought. Do let me know what you guys think :))

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  • Hi, I imagine that assuming you really want to play on cash, you should play basically solid, and essentially on trustfull objections. At some point or another im playing online keno, it is good game, ultimately I win, yet a gigantic section of time I olosee, haha. By and by, im playing not for getting cash, yet for mine relax.

  • Yeah great minds think alike serene ;) 

  • Hello Nicholas!I have same opinion... 

  • What if its a card game that challenges your pronunciation ? I believe it can help. what do you think ?  

  • Kamu suka bermain kartu banyak. Saya tidak setuju dengan kamu, Nicholas Thomas. Sorry, I don't agree with that. English, like any other language,  should be pronounced or spoken. The more you practice or speak the better you learn. I hope you are not upset. Can I still be your friend?

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