The cold wind of winter blew from several months before the arrival of the spring season. People always say that winter starts in end of December to March, but that is in the northern hemisphere of out planet Earth. People forget that the Earth is divided into two hemispheres, that is north and south. When is cold in the north, it is the contrary in the south.

The place below the longitude of the sub-tropic has mild winter. There isn't any snow, just almost freezing cold wind and rain-water. The climate temperature never goes down to zero and yet it is cold enough to bald the trees, like

The picture above shows how ugly the trees can be during that cold season. But this will be for long as when the wind of spring starts blowing and the climate gets warmer, the trees will start growing their foliage. Buds and sprouts start appearing and the typical beautiful sights of spring will be seen. The bald trees start dressing up again, like

Very lovely, the trees and their peridot-green colour spring leaves and very soon the tree will be completely dressed up again in summer, and again preparing themselves for the next balding.

In the southern hemisphere, spring time starts when autumn starts in the northern hemisphere. 

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  • Over, we only also have four seasons, even though we are living right smack in the middle of Equator line. We have hot, hotter and hottest seasons, and in between rainy season. LOL. No spring, no autumn and no winter. Summer all year long. If any of the trees going bald, it means it's just rejuvenating itself.

  • well!! finally you grabed my attention about your fascinated word (which easy to understand ) that you using about one of the fascinated  weather of spring :) 

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