From someone that always admire You

I'am a women ordinary that way very admire you, he is a man that I really admire. And one day that later I can meet live with him, But that seems impossible and I don't will be able to make eye contact with him. Until one day there is someone who know fill my heart and mind. And that person said something to me,
"You like someone, I answer "Yess I like someone" and the older sister said, Does the person you like know if you admire him. I answer "No" hr does not know and the older sister said to me you have to tell him if you like it. But I say if I will not be able to tell me what I feel, the older sister said you want to died curious. Because of feeling which was not delivered. And I just took a deep breath a sign that I 'am will not be able to convey it. Okay Good short story from me. Thanks You guys.....

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  • Just beautiful! 

    That is what I want to say.

    If you keep quiet, your eyes will speak

    If you keep quiet the beat of your heart will speak

    If your live will not move your breathe will speak

    You will not be able to hold the fragrance of love within yourself.

    Do you want your tear will speak when he's left and gone by.

    Just think..................................

    • because to say all that requires considerable courage.

    • but how I really don't have the courage to say it.

      • Is your love "true""

        Because ture love gives courage.

        Ok do not confess, but try to keep the company.  May he will feel the heat of love coming out of your eyes.

        May your smile will say that you love him.

        There are all "may be/s"..................................Good luck.

        • Thank you for giving me motivation, I will try to be the best.

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