First time eating sushi (Raw fish Dish)

1. Sushi,, Famous in Korea and Japan8320387874?profile=RESIZE_710x

2. Shrimp, Salmon, snail, Carb, Clam tuna, Etc8320388296?profile=RESIZE_584x

3. Look delicious and colorful...8320394452?profile=RESIZE_710x

4. Dunno the name 8320395852?profile=RESIZE_710x

5. Raw Shrimp 8320401899?profile=RESIZE_710x

6. Most delicious salmon8320406094?profile=RESIZE_584x

7. Fail to eat snail and clam ( personally don't like) 8320407860?profile=RESIZE_710x


Test 7/10 

Colour 10/10 

others aspects 9/10 

Price 10 to 12 dollars. may differ from place to place.

Do you wanna eat? Finding any Korean or Japanese restaurant around you.

Best regards.

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  • Sea food & rice !! the right combinaison for a healthy meal !! bon appetit

    frankly i didn't test it before but i can guess how it tastes : DELICIOUS for sure 

    • Yes! thanks 

      you may try.......

  • This reply was deleted.
    • I don't like to test frequently..

  • I have to take fried Salmon or shrimp, I would not be able to bear up with raw stuffs.

    • Hi Shaheen! 

      It's not completely raw, 

      steamed a little bit. you can say little processed so that consumers are safe..

  • Ohhh, Fake! I love sushi and sashimi.

    We have in my city a Japanese restaurant where they serve it, too. It's delicious. 

    • Nice to hear that..

      Avoid to visit this corona days..... )))

    • We can't go to restaurants because they are closed because of Corona. 

      By the way, Fake, 

      Sushi and Sashimi are totally raw. They are not steamed...even not a little bit. That's why the fish has to be very fresh. 

    • Dear Iris

      There are a lot of variations of Sushi,

      Traditional sushi is totally raw,

      Mostly,  fish are raw, that's true but seasoned, it might be by vinegar or other processes, as per as I know. 

      One of my friends told me its steamed ( I don't have strong reference), 

      Anyway, have a nice time.

This reply was deleted.