Every ending is just a new beginning!

       Every ending is just a new beginning. Every dark tunnel has a light spot at its end. Its just that we're too busy drowning in the darkness and in our sadness that we don't notice the light, we don't notice the new opened doors and chances for us. Whatever is gone had left an empty space for something else and hopefully better to occupy it. We just keep dwelling on the emptiness it left and the blank space ; However that emptiness is meant for something more fitting to fill it. I think what you should do it open your eyes a bit wider, Look again and look deeply. Let your heart be,Don't put barriers or limits just because you're hurt. Don't stop yourself from doing what you feel. Let go. And let be.


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  • Good to see you happy istee -:) keep smiling -:)

  • Yes! it is true alexandra.

  • Time heals all wounds. Sometimes you need just to wait. Time goes further anyway and it takes away the darkness and sadness.

  • thanks a lot rohni and fashionar. the moral is " do not lose hope" 

  • nice thought, like spritual feelings......,

  • thank you cezayirli .. sure i 'll.

  • well said ....thank you .. i always believe also in unlimited horizons ...keep writing!

  • THANK YOU ALL .. ned well said 

  • Very nice, hopeful words! yeah , we have to stay strong infront all life's probs! cus as u said! "every ending is a new beginning"!

  • thank you so much sid and sono -:)

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