Do you have failure that you should not forget?

About four hundred years ago, there was a shogun who opened Edo bakufu. Bakufu is the Japanese word for a feudal government headed by a shogun. He fought against many generals before he became a shogun and he mostly defeated them. However, he was once defeated by a general, and it is said that he pooped his pants with fear when he fled on horseback. It is also said that he made a painter draw a picture of him pooping his pants in order not to forget the humiliation. It seemed to give him motivation like 'I don't ever want to feel miserable like that again" when looking at it before fighting other generals. He changed the failure to his power. Do you have failure that you should not forget?

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  • Arigatu  Tam!  My friend betrayed  me.

    • Hi, Dara. Thank you for your comment. What did you learn from that?

  • Well, I'd rather call it a challenge  than failure.  A challenge that changes the life and helps shap a better future. 

    • Hello, Majed Alsolmi. Thank you for your comment. Yes, challenges are important.

  • Throughout my life, I made big faults. And feel regret. Sometimes I infer that there is nothing (past) in my life as long as the past lives in my (present) every day. Thank you for sharing.  

    • Hello, Tawfeeq. Thank you for your comment.

  • Gosh, YES, quite a lot of failure garnishes my life. :-D I have to learn from it... The last one cost me last year almost my life. I'm still fighting to get back into the state I was before all that sh*t happened. Some lessons I have to undergo more than once, 'cause I'm a bit of a slow learner obviously. ^^

    • Hello, NotAClue. Thank you for your comment. Yes, we have to learn from failure not to repeat the same failure.

  • many things i want to forget... regret things... but i guess we all have to live with the consequences of the pass.  

    do you have many regret?

    • Hi, Fizzy. Thank you for your comment. I have a thing that I should not forget. It is the loss in foreign exchange trading. I did foreign exchange trading even though I didn't know about that. The loss gives me motivation that I must learn it seriously.

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