people say sharing is the good way to find out a solution of a problem. Right now, i want to try to write about a problem that has just come to me. i hope you guys can leave a comment and also correct my english if i make a mistake of grammar or other parts,

i want to know, what will you feel when you are losing someone that means in your life (a friend). You've already known your friend and thought that he or she is your best friend and more than that. someday, you realize that all of your thoughts about your friend are not going on the track.they are running to the opposite of your thoughts.

your friend wants to befriend just because she/he needs something from you,.befriend with you because she/he has something like a problem with her/his old friend. you are just the back up plan for him or her. what would you feel like ? feel a disappoinment or other feelings ?

that's what happening to me this time, i feel really disappointed about his attitudes, it so damn hurts . i dont know what i have to do to him, kick him or hit him or other.  it's so complicated for me.

do you have any suggestion to solve this problem ?

please comment 

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  • @syed faisal : yes you are right man

  • Time will reveal many goods things for you, so just have patience or feel this pain but remember it's not forever :)

  • @urty : it is easy to say but it's hard to do

  • @samu (rush) : X mark , yeah probably

    @noaslpls : yeah, sure , i'll learn it. Thanks for remind me

  • I'm not going to give any opinion on your current situation because I think deep down, you know what you need to do. However, I want to point out something about your writing. It's better if you observe the rules of capitalisation in English writing. Please click the link on EC on this rule of capitalisation.

  • thanks mishaiks

  • Reference my earlier comments.

    Change the gender of pronoun accordingly. Thanks.

  • Steer your EGO, awaken your SELF RESPECT , and start to learn HOW TO IGNORE A GUY like yours one.  Just ignoring, and becoming carefree, IS THE SEVERE PUNISHMENT to him.

  • thanks for your comment. 

    i probably should change the way i see a problem and be an optimistic boy

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