Democracy and it's benefits.

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Today I read an article about Democracy, so just sharing it. Hope you will like it too.

Democracy is all a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

Freedom of Expression:- When you  choose the government, you choose them only after your valuable vote. In democracy, your vote is counted and it is treated equally important. If you want any change, it is considered seriously and you get what you want as per its generosity.

Protecting the interest of Citizen:- Democracy is completely about your interest. If you have interest in politics and are capable enough to lead the people and work for them, then even you can reach to the top of the country and can change the rule. Example:- Women in democratic countries have right to choose Govt and if they get tickets to fight they elections, they can become President or the Prime Minister of the country. Where as in communist or Rulers or Kings rules, right for women is very limited and struggle is more.

Promotes Equality:- There is equality for every section. In India, despite of being a Hindu majority country, There have been Muslim presidents in India called Zakir Hussain, and still we have a Vice President Hamid Ansari. We can also take it in other way, like in case of women. There is a right of 50% of property for women in property of parents or husbands if they divorce.

Promotes Change:- There are chances of change. Change is the only thing that remains unchanged in democracy. If the Prime Minister is not doing as per your expectation, you can change him in next election by voting, unlike Kings ruling.

Right to change and innovate:- Like, Sachin Tendulkar promotes Cricket, Dr Abdul Kalam was a Scientist, and in the same way, we have people from various back ground, who are masters in their field, so Govt gives them chance to innovate and bring changes in their present/current field and supports and inspires it.

Few people like Narendra Modi and Barrack Obama are best examples of Growth in democracy. Obama is a son of single parent whereas Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India) was a Tea Vendor at Railway Station.

Please share more benefits of Democracy, I just want to know more about it and also please correct me, I have made many mistakes in sentence constructions and



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  • Even I am a democrat...

  • Camel, I do not know about your country, but in US and India and in many non muslim country Democracy is doing pretty God. No single religion is dominating others by becoming terrorists. So I believe Democracy is best.

  • Yes Estanis, Thanks

  • Very beautiful topic for a blog.

    As you well say, in a real democratic society, freedom of expression, of religion, of protests, public demonstrations... are essential since people is not cattle.
    Btw, I guess India is the most populous democratic country in the world.
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