Challenge: You Are Your Words

I like the idea of the challenge. Thanks dear Nadiyah. :)

I used my own picture when I was kid. :D 

The words I chose are my 1st poem, False Promise! That is because my family is the most worth treasure that I've ever granted. That painful day I can never forget it. :)  

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  • @Robbie,

    Thanks for your lovely comment. =))

    Glad that you enjoyed.. =)

  • You look adorable! I enjoyed reading the comments here. : )

  • @Sweety,

    Thanks sweetie. <3 

    LOL! Don't worry Anele can get her revenge. :P :D 

    Thanks for your nice comment Sweety. :)

  • @Nadiah,

    Thanks for your passing by. I do agree, it is the time that we have nostalgia to. :")

    You're welcome. :)

  •   nicce photo :) cute little girl 

    I enjoyed reading ur killing stories dear Anele and yassmine, I wish you all the best anele and be soft with her Yassmine bcz she is very kind, she is our teacher who will help us if you killed her huh :p hhhhh

  • Right choice of the photo you have chosen, memories are a treasure trove ..

    Great, thank you for taking the challenge! 

  • LOL! xDDD 

    I just posted my reply. Update your browser and see. :D 

  • Oh! You know, I meant 90 student were gathered in a one class. Some have no chairs and no books. The area where I taught in was isolated/remote. I almost felt the same. However, I thanked God it was only one class which I was responsible for.

  • Oh! I pity you. :(

    I do agree that teaching in public school is so suffering. Do you know that I've taught 90 students in my practicum? :D Thought It was so tiring, I enjoyed it. :D 

    LOL! You don't know why? :O

    I bet she was missing you so forcefully. ;)

    Be careful dear, you may say farewell to this life soon. Yasmin will end your life up. :DDD 

  • Are you asking Anele??? Why didn't answer my e-mail? It has been ages!!!

This reply was deleted.