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  •         Thanks my friend for sharing this picture with us. I guess you already wrote the answer in previous comment. God bless you.  

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    • Hm...Tim...seems my eyes are not that good as you mentioned. Lol. No matter how hard I try I still can't spot the reason you took the picture. Any clue yet? At least what should I look for at that place you've marked? 

      A couple of days ago I remembered your challenge and took this picture...heh. Kind of a challenge too. Cos in real life it was so surprising to understand what was there. Maybe you will be more successful than I was.


    • Awesome! Thanks for sharing it, O.M. :))

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    • There is a large snail in the hole and I wasn't even aware of it until I was editing the photo.  It wasn't why I took the photo but good eyes.

    • To guess why you have taken this picture one doesn't have to have good eyes but think like you or be you. Let me say why I would take this picture if I were you. Maybe cos I do pay attention to that nothing can stop life....It breaks out even through the concrete. 

      Thanks for sharing ))

    • I'll post the answer soon

    • posted the photo outlining the reason.  Hard to spot in the photo as well as in real life.

  • I have tried but  I failed to spot anything :) 

        I think I am not that good in observing  things 

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