Bodies have always seemed ugly to me.

Bodies with their meters of skin, guts, meat and their weird smells, colors, bumps, and illnesses that can't be controlled.


Bodies are ridiculous and awkward.

Media try to pretend bodies are sexy and alluring when they're in bed but they're sweaty. Sticky. Scared of failure. Even more awkward, when sprawled in bed you try to find the best position to love, after a cramp in your leg.

Bodies are nothing more than tons of muscles wrapped in the clothes you wear to try and look cuter than you really feel.

At what extent does your heart dress your partner's body of beauty when you make love? At what extent do you dress your own body of beauty when you see yourself with your eyes, or when you see yourself reflected in the lusting eyes of your partner? 

How are bodies enfolded by the substance of the soul?

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  •  This includes your body, too,  Ishtar , do you realize?

    Like Rosemary comment, it is all human,  Do you expect to be angel or prophet?

    myEnglishClub (myEC), your page in English
    •   How are you doing Mishaikh  ? 

                  Ramadan Mubarak 💐

      • I am fine Rosemary, confine to my house,  but corona is eating USA, making it number one in corona casualties. Hope you and yoyr family will be fine by grace of Allah. Ramadhan mubarak to you too.

  •    Dear Ishtar    

      I respect  your point of view about bodies and the way they are shown through the media . I can say that you are right about your gloomy  reaction  toward what is going on . But it isn't the human body , which , we out to blame  . 

            The media have had  deformed the meaning of the human  body by exposing  it  on beds and sheets  and driving people to  be mad  monster  looking for their lust  . 

           We  must  stand in the middle  of the road  and balance  what we are getting through the windows  of our eyes  . Ishtar  human beings  have the most perfect and complete  bodies among all the creatures   . This is  clear around us through all their achievements  buildings and monuments  were built  by their flexible  magnificent  bodies   . So  , bodies  aren't  for lust only.  , even our desirs  are part of our existence  but unlike  other creatures  human beings  can't  show  these  behaviors  in public  . They need to go back to their spiritual  roots  as well .

    • My mother always says that she thinks the human body is a beautiful creation made by god. For her, the body is a miraculous and perfect machine.
      And since I'm a little pessimistic (or maybe cynical), I tend to see things different.
      But I understand your point very well. We have complex bodies that carry our souls around and allows us to exist comfortably. 

  • Hola Ishtar,  the body needs the soul. The soul needs the body. I like them both. How are you doing my respected lovely lady? I hope you stay safe. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Thanks! I'm ok, being careful. I hope you are Ok too!

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