Because of THEM

It is really hard to find the accurate and the most appropriate words to express my feelings towards English especially that how am i ever thankful to THEM why we and I develop such  Englishes since I started schooling. I could never forget my late father who can speak English well where in fact he did not even graduated in College. Because of their teachers who colonizes us during that time. But because of THEM he and we, us,  had developed better English.

Who are they? Who are the "THEM" that I am referring to?

Philippines were colonized by many colonizers but one less than a hundred year as far as i remember when these colonizers brought education to my beloved country. Until now, I couldn't help to realize that things are happened for a wonderful purpose and reason/s. They brought English language to us and it is the medium of language in the Philippine curriculum especially in Colleges and universities and the lingua franca to the world.It really helped us and a little bit easier to some to understand and converse to people who can speak English any where in the world. As I had read to our English Literature book in grade 8 , our  country now is one of the largest English speaking nation and it gave us an avenue to make us easier to go abroad and got a job. Gain more friends easier around the globe because we can converse English language and can understand too. Not just that but more. And I am very thankful to THEM for leaving us an immortal token to the world. Thanks to the Americans. It is because of THEM.

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  • HELLO! Ma'am Joy, How are you?

  • Hello ma'am Joy.. Thank you for helping us to learn English.

  • Kamusta Teacher Joy. Gusto ko iyong blog. Kaya ko maging kaibigan mo? I hope to be one of your friends. The title of your blog reminds me of that song, Because I love you, I think by the moody blues or maybe I forgot.

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