Beautiful Plants


                           I am not alive just like you, but I can give life. I can't move back wards or forward neither in the left or right. But I can be stable in the ground and be a center of attraction. If you are need of herbal treatment you can always use me. 

                      Some, wanted me to be a decore inside and outside of their house and buildings because I add some buetification to the eyes of someone. As a matter of fact you can also add me to your dishes and to your drinks if you want too. But one thing that I don't like is that you are going to forget me, abuse me and picking me up in the park is not a nice thing to do. Stepping me on the ground might decrease my population. 


            Constructing a building might bring me to instinction.  Not watering me everyday might cause my death that will deliver you to late wishes and long suffering. You should remember that God told you to take care of mother nature and that includes me.

Please always be serious and I wanted you to preserve me so that the next generation will see me and know more about me. Instead of killing me! Why don't you study about my use and share my herbal benefits to your colleuges. Why don't you try to share your knowledge to your friends on how can you protect me in the harms of this world. ALWAYS remember that if you don,'t care about me that also reflects your attitude and who really you are.

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  • Thanks for the comment now I learn my lesson

  • Thanks for telling me about your blog. Most of the time I'm on my phone and that can cause typing errors and everything is so small it is hard to see mistakes. I found some mistakes in the blog here. Since you are new to writing here I suggest that you:

    1. Don't try to write blogs on the smart-phone. Even the most experienced of us make mistakes that way.

    2. Use a full size computer screen or laptop to check your material.

    3. Most importantly, write the blog in your word processing program and enable spell checking. It doesn't matter if you use the American or British spell checking dictionary, but use the same one each time.  Most of the mistakes below could be caught with a proper spell checker. Maybe "back wards" would not be flagged and suggested as backwards because those are both words, just not the same as backwards.

    4. Finally, my advice is to preview your post once you have pasted it into the blog. It makes me feel bad if I make a mistake on a blog and don't notice it. If you are a teacher it will be even more embarrassing to have typos, misspellings or bad grammar usage where your students and your professors can see them.

    Please check these words with your dictionary or spell checker: instinction, back wards, decore, don,'t, and buetification.

    Also you need to check the difference between everyday and every day. They have different meanings, as do many compound words if you try to separate them. Thanks for writing about plants and reminding us to care for them. I have many plants I grow just to look at and some I grow to use for medicine and some to eat. I hope I didn't make any typos here, a full size computer screen is best for checking your work. :)

  • beautiful, harm, I am sure, those are typos, please fix them. Your write up is nice.

  • Nice blog. There are a few spelling errors. I'm sure you will detect them. :)

  • I hope that you'll like my blog at this day. Pls put some comments. Correction is appreciated

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