Hi to all the Moderators and members.  As you can see the new update has launched.  You will find some issues that need to be addressed and Mr. Joseph is working on it.  He asked that I tell you.  One issue was I could not work my mail to reach you so I decided to do it this way......LOL I hope you all get the information.

Members this new forum is not what you are used to, but please visit around and learn something new we can do so much more now than we ever could!!!  We can post images in main, we can send files, there are still private chats and we can do group chats.  

You cannot see who is online.  There is a list but it is a members list mostly and does not tell us who is online.  Hopefully that will change.  

But please know that Mr. Joseph is working on it and he asked that we bear with him in this transition.  So let's give our support to the site that has helped us so much over the years!!!!!!  Thank you so very much!!.


Moderators you will find things not working for you.......do not be upset......this is known by Admin and they are working on it.

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  • I see. Thank you, Mr Josef!

  • Elen. There is no “process”. If you have something important in mail you can go in and copy paste it. (It’s just possible Ning will migrate mail over, but don’t hold your breath. We should know soon.)

  • Hello Paula!

    All my messages are gone (inbox and sent). How can I retrieve them, as Mr. Josef says in his announcement in home page? I mean what is the process step by step? I have no idea.

  • Ok, thanks a lot Josef

  • @Mishaikh You could send the URL. But as mentioned elsewhere, there is only one missing and we know which it is. It is the one that you uploaded after all members were warned that new content might be lost during migration ;) FYI, you can safely upload content now.

  • @Josef

    Ok, noted. 

    Btw what will be the procedure to intimate you with any missing blog. Will the title of the blog will siffice your requirement in such situation?

  • If “most” of your blogs seem to have migrated it’s unlikely that some did not. More likely all or nothing. But you can check the quantities in old and new sites.

  • For checking any missing blog I have to go all the way through since Oct 2013 till date. If so it will take time will you be able to wait this long? 
    Thank fore your prompt reply.



  • @Mishaikh

    I can see 469 of your blog posts on your blog page. Are there some missing?

  • What about blogs members have already posted. I have a treasure of my own there. What will be lts fate?

This reply was deleted.