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" take life as it is , not as it ought to be " I think that we can apply this saying in another direction . By using it to say that we should take people as they are with all of their flaws and mistakes . So , assuming perfection in people's behaviors is a sort of madness . Only those who look with a realistic eyes are the ones who will find comfort and relaxation .                                          

   Lowering our expectations is our way to safety in this case . Al Masseri an arab Eygptain thinker attribute all the human miseries to their endvours to create an earthly paradise . While , humans.  relationship are more complicated and cannot be predicted easily . To reply or mange human behaviors means dealing with a wide range of an open and endless possibilities , some of which      are vague ones . So , accept people as they are not as your mindset want them to be .


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  • Ahib al hayat ya Rosmary. We have to accept people as they are. Thanks for sharing.

  •         Yes, we have to take life as it is, otherwise if we expect the wholeness from others, we will live alone surrounded only by our shells. Actually, how far you go in life depends on your expecting the unexpected. God bless you.

  • B-E-A-UTIFUL ❤


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