Are they doctors or murderers?


A young girl went to the clinic for some checkups. Once at the office, she was injected by the doctor and all at once she fell asleep, and then he raped her.

After she woke up, she noticed that her body wasn’t in a good condition, she noticed that she has been raped by the doctor.
She asked him “What did you do to me?” the doctor replied “I did nothing to you. Absolutely nothing”

At that day, the young girl went back home.

Few weeks passed, she didn’t see her menses. Being afraid, she went to the same doctor the following day and told him about it. When he diagnosed her, nothing signaled.

After two weeks, still she didn’t see her menses, she also went to the doctor, but this second time, the results showed that she was pregnant.

“Do you see? You said that you didn’t rape me. Then how can it be possible? If you didn’t rape me, who did it? What will I tell my parents?” The girl exclaimed.

She couldn’t have any option than abortion.

For the first time, the doctor didn’t approve the idea, but finally he agreed after she said that she couldn’t tell her parents because she might be rejected by her own family.

The doctor tried to do the abortion but he didn’t succeed. He then led the young girl to another doctor, a friend of his. Pretending to do the abortion, that one also raped her for the second time.

When she woke up, she also noticed that he had raped her but he never acknowledged it. He then said that there was a cyst in her stomach and she might be operated to take it out.

I tell you the young girl had been operated five times and what is the worst in all this, in spite of these operations, there isn’t any cyst found in her stomach.

The questions are: Will she stay alive after all this? Will she have a baby whenever she has the chance to get married? How will she be seen by the society?

Our daughters, mothers, sisters and wives are precious.

Let’s respect and protect them, because, in an insane society like this, they are in danger.

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Contes et Légendes (Malal Diallo)

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  • NO

  •  I have a question we always think doctor service is a divine service even though there are some perverts doing such thing to innocent ladies then what is different between rapist and such doctor who had done the things to her. The service should be the pure and save the person life. It's not about the lust and pleasure while doing the profession and services. 

  •      My friend, I am from a society who seems very similar in its traditions and customs to the one that young girl in your story is from. Women in such societies always have been under the authority and severe supervision of men, even if they are, the men, younger than them. They struggle very hard to have hope in life. On another words, to gain their rights. They have their keen moments of joy, which are completely rare, when they are successful. And have their dark times of grief when they fail. Frankly, they have a lot of disappointments. But, they are not get tired from striving for a strong voice to speak for them. That’s why I can sure that, one day they will bring sunshine into their lives.

         Finally, thanks for sharing this story with us. But I have wondered; how did a young girl go to the clinic without her parents? And how did the doctor examine her without a nurse be there or at least one of her parents? I have just wondered. God bless you.

  • too romantic doctor 😳 male gynecologists must be fed up with seeing that kind of thing. How come he rapes a lifeless body.

  • How dreadful! I urge any woman in this world to be brave enough to speak out and fight for justice. This incident was an example of a stereotype for the woman who was raped. It made the girl afraid of telling her misery to her closest circle. They are victims, do not belittle or mock. They need help. And those rapers must be penalized.

    • Yes sure. But most of them are afraid to denounce such a bad work.

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