Arba'een Annual Pilgrimage

Has any of you heard of Arba'een pilgrimage?

It is held at Karbala, Iraq. It was just held in recent days.

Every year the 20th day of the Second month of the lunar Islamic Calendar, which is 40 day after the date of Imam al-Hussain martyrdom, millions of his lovers attend a pilgrimage to the Holy shrine in Karbala, Iraq. Many pilgrims walk the route to Karbala. For example they start the walk from Najaf which is about 80 km far from Karbala. Throughout the route there are many kind people, mostly Iraqis, who kindly serve people with free food, water, place to rest, bathroom, and any other service needed, all for free. Even they insist that you get food from them. Some even wash your clothes or mend your properties like bag or the child's pram. Those who offer food and help are in different agaes. You can see many nice kids who help, or even the elderly ones who also serve along with many of the youth. 

This year I had a short experience there, though didnt have the chance to walk all the route .

It is incredible that just because of one common point that is the love for Imam al-Hussain- the grandson of the prophet Mohammad (pbuh), you see unbelievable kindness from strangers, even those who don't speak your language

Some of the people who serve pilgrims, have worked throughout the year, and on this Event they have brought all what they have gathered in a year to serve people and show their love to Imam al-Hussain.

I myself together with some other pilgrims stayed at stranger Iraqis' house and they served us with delicious food, fruit, water, sweet, etc ,also place for sleep just at their own rooms and place. We could use their bathroom, and whatever we needed, all for free and with their love and kindness.

Their kindness was to an extend that if we had a problem they would try their best to see us happy and pleased, and they would help us fix the problem.

The closest manifest of true Islamic idealogy, full of brotherhood, unconditional love and kindness, centered around love and obedience to God could be seen throughout this annual event. Yet it has the capacity to get way better. 

You may ask where this love originates from.

We, Shia Muslims see Imam al-Hussain the greatest one who stood against injustice, tyranny, and any kind of evil and corruption. He is the greatest symbol of truth who sacrificed not only himself- that was cruelly martyred in an unfair battle, but also his beloved family and faithful friends. His enemy even prevented him and his family from drinking water. They even cruelly killed his 6-month-old baby while in his dad's arms. All those tough and tragic moments of losing his beloved ones - friends, sons-relatives-brother,... - did not prevent him from continuing the battle against tyranny. 

So people who love him and his path of truth, try their best to introduce him to whoever seeks the path of justice and peace, the path of God. Knowing him and his way helps to speed up the battle against injustice and evil.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask. :)

PS- You can see many pictures and videos of this even on the following Instagram page


This id : @_arbaeennet

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  • Essalamo alaikom...

    When Hussain came to Karbala...he asked what's the name of this place..they said it's called Karbala,then he said in Arabic:"karb wa balaà"...

    which means "anguish and scourge".

    • Wa alaikum assalam


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