Hello, everyone. I wonder that no one mentioned this special day in blogs :( So let me do it for you.

Today is a special day for many people on this planet - today is a Victory day and a day when the Nazi were destroyed and the Great Patriotic war as a part of the Second world war was over. Also it's an Anniversary here -  70 years have passed after that day. 

Many people were killed, many villages were burnt, many children were tortured and many cities were destroyed forever. But on this day I want to say "THANK FOR THE PEACEFUL SKY AND MY HOMELAND" to all those soldiers who defended my country and all people. 

Need to tell you that 3\4 of my population were destroyed during WW2 , all villages and cities were partly or fully destroyed. So today is a very special day for me, my family, families of our country and many other countries too. 

My grandad was a soldier during the WW2 and he told me many things about that awful and scaring time. Thanks, grandad, for your victory and fight for the best future of my mother and your family. My red tulips to all those innocent victims who turned into a priceless price of peace. 

Bend your knees, modern people.

RIP, brave soldiers and my grandad. 

 No comments....Second world war in faces.....

Those who survived will always remember that day...

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  • I wish we never see any wars again , happy victory day

  •  Listen and watch this song about war. It touches even me. 

    Take care about each veteran you meet in your life.

  • Happy victory day.
    We hope no more war on this planet.
    How nicely you have written.thanks for sharing.
  • Lady Anne, and thank you for this feedback about your grandpa, too

  • Evangelina , thanks fir answering:)

  • MaYaM, thanks for answering :)

  • Even my grandpa witnessed how cruel this war was.  He had a lot to say whenever we sat down together during our idle moments.  It was really interesting to hear such stories which we never experienced.  But it's horrible to think that such war will happen again in the future.  Oh, heaven forbids!

    I know that the survivors would be thankful enough for being able to live in periods where wars can be settled by peaceful negotiations and not by armaments. 

    May peace and love abound in the hearts of men to make our world a better place to live in.

    Thanks for this wonderful blog, Honey!

  •  Ali, make love not war. Thanks for answering. 

  •  Estanis, I wish the same. Thanks for the answer.

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