The Sick Child By Robert Louis Stevenson (1913)Child. O MOTHER, lay your hand on my brow!O mother, mother, where am I now?Why is the room so gaunt and great?Why am I lying awake so late?Mother. Fear not at all: the night is still.Nothing is here that means you illNothing but lamps the whole town through,And never a child awake but you.Child. Mother, mother, speak low in my ear,Some of the things are so great and near,Some are so small and far away,I have a fear that I cannot say.What have I done, and what do I fear,And why are you crying, mother dear?Mother. Out in the city, sounds beginThank the kind God, the carts come in!An hour or two more and God is so kind,The day shall be blue in the windowblind,Then shall my child go sweetly asleep,And dream of the birds and the hills of sheep.
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  • Great job guys!

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  • :) Thank you nadira and Monika for compliments. Glad to see your comments here. Welcome.

  • I agree with Tara and Nadira.
    Bravo Skoon,you made a great job,thank you for undergoing this challenge.
  • skoon enjoyed listening to the lovely verses of the sick child, super recitation,
    all the best.
  • Thank you for courage me so far. Well. I chose this peom because it sounds sweet beside that I love children and their world. I hope I could back to my childhood hehe. yeah it is easy to children being sick especially in their first five years, so they need special care to aviod lots of sickness.
    And about the recorder, I used the "sound recorder" in my computer and then convert it to mp3 by "Real Player". I would you pass by and see the steps which I follow to record my voice.
    Thanks for helping me to improve my pronouciation. but the link doesn't open :(

  • I am so impressed with all of the readings so far. Wow. Your pronunciation is fantastic. What made you choose this poem? My children used to get sick so much when they were very young. We got a flu shot this year and I'm amazed how healthy we have all been. I know it took you a lot of effort to create this post.
    Thank you for accepting the challenge! Which recorder did you end up using?

    Double check pronunciation of "ill".
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