Have you feel alone, feeling abandoned, feeling ignored, I have been in such a position, it feels as isolated from the world and is in the dark. but when it happens only one way to out from it all. Be patient and maybe all of it is a lesson, a reflection of self in order to become better. Allah SWT knows what we feel. Insya Allah, there will always be wisdom in every event.

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  •'re alright

    @dara gino. i've added you as a friend

  • Oops!  Kesendarian tidak bagus Syarif udin. Saya injin anak saya dan keluarga dengan satu tempat. I want to be with my family in one place. Could you add me among your friends?

  • You see you are not alone.............Allah SWT is always with you, close to you even closer than you yourself.

  • @Aryo. Allah is always with us

    @Mary. the Puppy so funny. I believe he will be. 

  • Hope things change for you and you can feel different soon...


  • Good always at your side, if you try to always pray at the first time.

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