Almusahirati is the person who  wakes up people to eat sahoor. Of course, sahoor is an important meal in Ramadan. According to Hadeeth, ((have sahoor, there is barakah in it)). It means that you have sahoor, because it has a blessing in it. Almusahirati starts his duty after three or four o'clock in the morning, carrying a drum and singing, "Oh fasting sleeper, wake up and have sahoor. Oh fasting sleeper, wake up and have sahoor". Nowadays, this habit disappeared in many countries especially Arab countries like, Syria, Irag, Libya because of the conflicts there in them, and some gulf countries like Saudi Arabia.

Amusahirati is rarely seen in countries like Egypt, Sudan and some African countries. In Saudi Arabia,  we stay awake after Ishaa and Tahjud prayers. Tahjud prayers ends around two to two thirty in the morning. We come back home from the mosque and eat something and stay awake until Sahoor time. After sahoor, we do not go to sleep till dawn prayer.  Some of us play football or basket ball for one or two hours and go to sleep at nine or ten o'clock in the morning. Alumsahirati did not take any money for his work. He used to do it for the sake of God.  If anyone of the members have Almusahirati in their countries, please, let's know about how do they perform their duty. Happy ending ten days of Ramadan.

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  • Shookran ya Medo! Ana ayeiz akoon wahid min asdgaik, mumkin? Thanks for your comment on Almusahirati.

  • Respected  Sir  ..I came to the  village  and  found out  it still happens  here ....and  cash  is  collected  through  the mosques  too and given at the end of the fast ..

  • That is great.

    Thanks for your information .

  • Abi main tumhari request intizar kilyei. I hope you send me the friend request. Thanks for your nice comment on Almusahirati.

  • Shookran ya Moe_Habibi! I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for your nice comment on the blog.

  • the were seen in Pakistan few years back but now very rarely seen 

  • well written bro

  • Khosh amdi Fahime! It's just a habit people used to do it and some of them are still doing it. At the time of the prophet, they used to make the first call ( athan ) before the call for the dawn prayer. Thanks for your time Fahime.

  • So weird! I didn't know about this person. It's the first time I heard it. Thanks for your information Mr Dara. 

  • Bahut shukriya Jeqe! I really appreciate your quick reply to see the blog. It's just a habit of letting people wake up and eat the lunch of Ramadan. Thanks again Jeqe.

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