Almusahirati is the person who  wakes up people to eat sahoor. Of course, sahoor is an important meal in Ramadan. According to Hadeeth, ((have sahoor, there is barakah in it)). It means that you have sahoor, because it has a blessing in it. Almusahirati starts his duty after three or four o'clock in the morning, carrying a drum and singing, "Oh fasting sleeper, wake up and have sahoor. Oh fasting sleeper, wake up and have sahoor". Nowadays, this habit disappeared in many countries especially Arab countries like, Syria, Irag, Libya because of the conflicts there in them, and some gulf countries like Saudi Arabia.

Amusahirati is rarely seen in countries like Egypt, Sudan and some African countries. In Saudi Arabia,  we stay awake after Ishaa and Tahjud prayers. Tahjud prayers ends around two to two thirty in the morning. We come back home from the mosque and eat something and stay awake until Sahoor time. After sahoor, we do not go to sleep till dawn prayer.  Some of us play football or basket ball for one or two hours and go to sleep at nine or ten o'clock in the morning. Alumsahirati did not take any money for his work. He used to do it for the sake of God.  If anyone of the members have Almusahirati in their countries, please, let's know about how do they perform their duty. Happy ending ten days of Ramadan.

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  • Since last couples of years I didn't see people doing this earlier I was not what they called this job thankuuu for letting us know I'm tell u my child hood incident abt this when people come at night to awake the Muslims I use to thaught they coming to take me with them and they will kill me all the whole month of ramzan terribly terrified with them sounds normal but belive form me it's like life taking...

  • Gamza haminada Inha! You are right about about Almusahirati.  By the way, where have you been? Thanks for your comment on the blog.

  • Thanks for your good information... I live in East Asia and don't belong to Islam culture.. so, I'm unfamiliar with Amusahirati, Sahoor or terms you mentioned above... in Every society, many beautiful traditions get to disappear more and more... it's important to remember, share and pass  them down...

  • Halet chetore Bahman? By the way, you look so handsome on that video. I liked it very much. Do you have this habit of Almusahirati in your area? 

  • thank you so much for sharing this .

  • Ana kanabgi Tunis bizzaf ya Flower.  Strange, some members say that this habit is no more. The mobile phones and the new technology are more better than that habit. Thanks for your nice comment.

  • Shookran ya Leidy! Mizian, Thanks for the nice tip about Almusahirati. By the way, did you see my blog, An hour?

  • Donnobad Nimzaf! I am glad about it. Thanks for your comment.

  • Shookran bizaf ya Lve! Thanks for the good information. I am really glad about it. I was on the eid holiday and busy with the European Tournament. 

  • Teskkur ederim Ferhan! I told Lady Nadira, a few moments ago about it. Does the habit still exist? Thanks for your time, my dear good friend. and sorry for my late reply.

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