Advertisements And Polishing Criminals

Facebook and twitter were created firstly for communicating between people. The communication, exchanging information, and overspreading knowledge were very acceptable social media goals. These sites used to offer great opportunities for users to express themselves, share their thoughts and take part to form a new community. Via social networking service, people posted and interacted with messages all over the world. Due to such great sites, the world becomes as a small village.
Later on, those sites divert onto financial market area. Those sites devote their works to take advantages of advertisements and become moneymaking very quickly.

The strong influence of advertisement of those sites on people's mind are very dangerous because there is no norm would limit their advertisements as long as you can pay money. Anyone can polish criminals or defame righteous when he pays money to those sites. Actually, the sites display the materials without even sure if the substance might be Photoshopped, faked or contained fallacy.
They don’t verify the videos or images, so many good concepts might be blackened by the adversarial or bad thoughts might be circulated. The amazing development of photoshop enables people to do whatever they want because there are no social, personal or professional ethics when someone advertises in general social media.

Unfortunately, the epidemic of sectarian violence, growing of racialism, civil wars and spreading of radicalism all these plights have been prevailed recently as a result of cupidity of social media sites.

It seems to me, if the social media sites don’t apply advertising ethics as ruling standards, the humanity will steepen to a dark slide way.

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  • I am wondering about polishing criminals. I hope that was explained more. concrete services

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  • Just one question, Tawfeeq. What exactly do you mean by "polishing" criminals? This expression escapes me.

    • During the time of election in my country, very corrupted politicians publish advertisements in the social sites though their biographies are known as breakers of law, some of them are murderer or thieves but they publish fake information concerning their personal lives and claim some fake achievements.

      Not everyone knows them well, so when they publish such advertisements many people would easily believe them, because social networks help polish them and make them approved.

      Thank you Josef Essberger for your reading and commenting.  

    • Hello, Mr. Josef Essberger. I also deleted a comment by mistake in my blog. I sometimes hear this accident. If we can confirm whether it is deleted or not before it is deleted, this mistake will not happen. I hope it will be improved.


    Hello Josef Essberger. I feel so sorry, I delete accidentally your comment. Most Iraqis have pages on Facebook including me. I personally earn a living as translator through my page on Facebook. Thank you for your comment.

  • Hello, Ttawfeeq. It's an interesting topic. As all things have two sides, social sites also have them. There are problems as you said, but we can get a lot of benefit from them. We must have own eyes that can judge information correctly.

    I agree with the control of obvious antisocial posts, but we also need to think about the freedom of speech. Facebook doesn't have the right to control our opinions.

    • You are right Tam all things have two sides but do you think all people can   judge information correctly? Of course no they cant.

      We have freedom to say whatever we think But we should be ware to don’t fabricate facts and make advertisements via Facebook.

      We also hope, social sites will put some norms when they publish advertisements. Thank you Tam for your comment.

    • Yes, of course, there are many people who can't judge information correctly, so education and having knowledge is important and necessary so as not to be misled.

This reply was deleted.