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- The size of your eyes now, is the same size when you were born. Eyes do not grow unlike the nose and ear.

- Natural honey is the only food that does not spoil or rot, no matter how long its time because it contains anti-rot material.

- Apple is the most powerful of the alert and not «caffeine» to help the man to wake up in the morning.

- The index finger is the most sensitive between the fingers of a human hand.

The scientists have proved that the cocoa «Chocolate» does not help to weight gain as some believe.

- Pearl beads dissolve in vinegar.

- The first sounds that the child can be distinguished, is the voice of «Mother».

- Smart people have a high percentage of zinc and copper in their hair.

- The ancient Egyptians used «the thyme plant» in embalming corpses.

- Sunlight takes «8 minutes» only to reach the ground. The moon's surface reflects «7%» only of the sun rays.

- Astronomers say that the number of stars scattered throughout the universe more than the number of grains of sand on the planet.

- Antarctica is the only continent in the world where there is no dry ground, but consists of a layer of ice.

- Republic of the Philippines is composed of 7100 Island.

 - India is the only country that has a law «to protect the cows.

- American Airlines was able to saving forty thousand dollars in 1987 when it canceled «only one fruit of olive» from each salad bowl offers a first-class passenger!

- The high salinity in the sea makes a man go swimming without fear of drowning.

- The blue whale is the heaviest and largest creature in the world, where the size of the blue whale's heart is like the size of a car, while his tongue length of about five meters.

- Most of the fish in very deep in the depths of the seas are blind.

- The octopus is the smartest animals in the world of invertebrates, when loses its arm grow alternative arm gradually later.

- The female octopus put 60 thousand eggs then goes to her hideout not leave it until dies of starvation.

- Octopus has «10 legs» and «3 hearts».

- The horse and the mouse do not puke.

- The horse can remain standing a full month on his feet, he horse die if cut off his tail.

 - The more animals in the power of hearing are wolves and donkeys.

- The pig is impossible to look at the sky.

- Mosquito have teeth and the number of teeth «47 teeth».

 - African python snake can remain alive without food for two full years.

- The snake can hear the sounds through picking up vibrations of sound waves by her tongue.

- The head of the snake can bite even after half an hour of amputation.

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  •  sana farooq,

    Thank you for your nice comment.

  • informative bolg....

  • Camel,
    You are welcome.

  • Camel

    Camel has a third eyelid protects the eyes from the sand when the sandstorms come, also can drink Massive amounts of water in a short period, the camel can drink about 113 liters of water in just 13 minutes, and the camel stores large amounts of water in anticipation of periods of scarcity of food and drink. The pregnancy of the camel ranging from 12-14 months. Camel very social animal, greeting the rest of his peers by blowing in their faces. Thank you for your comment.

  • Evangelina,
    There is no law for elephants because they are not holy, I also sympathize with the elephants, but unfortunately I can not work a law for them. Thank you for your nice comment.

  • ELF Noor
    I think that our knowledge about insects and invertebrates are few, so I'm also surprised. Thank you for your comment.

  • Daughter of the king,
    The middle finger is spoiled, wearing gold and not in need to be sensitive, is not it?

    Thank you for your comment.

  • Alice E, Onee-chan

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  • Mishaikh,
    Thank you for your comment.

  • nice and informative blog.. i am amazed at the octopus has three hearts..mosquito has 47 teeth..!!


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