A Nightmare or A Daydream

A Nightmare or A Daydream 


Marie Lorabelle Reboya 


Lady Harmony

You are always on my mind.

Though my body is resting,

but still my mind is working.

I think I saw you a long time

I am begging you,

Please let me kiss you.

Hug me tight, don’t let me go.

I am not staying for a long time

I know you aren’t mine.


You ask me something with astonishments

You think always that I can’t.

I answered you; it’s a plea

Just please care to listen.

And when you speak

You can’t say those words

I know I am bored,

Waiting for three words.


I can’t speak? I don’t get it.

Promise I won’t take it,

all the things that you’ve left.

It seems you’ve created your own twist.

The songs or story you made from right to left.

While I’m finding the right words

Holy shit it’s now 12midnight, but

I’m still composing this masterpiece.

I’m suddenly sleeping & forgetting what’s next.

Oh oh shit I’m stuck up with this, and

I don’t know if a poem, a lyrics or a script.

Nah Nah! Oh boy, it’s hard to complete.


Now I’m wandering on my dreams

Is it a nightmare or daydreams?

Like a twilight story I’m screaming

In the woods there are wolves,

& a bloody handsome man smiling,

holding his chest turning to beast.

Growling his fangs, & running as fast as he can.

He pulls me over on that coffin

I’m sweating & suddenly stop breathing.

Oh please somebody save me back home.

One last breathe of harmony

Are you trying to deceive me?

Quit mesmerizing your eyes in me,

I’m hypnotized like earth’s gravity.


      He ask me to sleep & feel his blood rising

Until his trials of injecting his sharp fangs

Someone came out from a distance.

Hey, who are you?

I can only see a shadow

Pull me closer with his hands.

I’m now back to reality

I kept questioning if it’s a nightmare, a daydream or a chaos in me.


Aaah yeah!

Oh I want to sleep,

I know you still can’t breathe

I hope I can send a message ahead,

with just one click or beep

Can’t wait to see you again on my dreams

I want you to ceased me screaming

Only you & me kissing

Changing a beast to his best

How I wish I could

still be that princess you need.

I can create magic & chants

That makes your heart dance

& bring back your Love.



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  • Thanks  bet

  • Nicely described!

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  • Thanks Nadya  for the comments.

  • Thanks  Camel  ever since we knew each others learning and teaching others here in our club. I hope everyone can creates your own ...It's good I surpassed.

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  • Nice poem.It is totally smelling emotions and feelings. :))

  • Thanks  Nyai

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  • Hi,

    That's a very nice poem, full of emotions and feelings. I wish you success in creating such wonderful things which come out from the imagination and spirit of humanity. Poems get separated from soul or spirit, like rain drops get separated from cloud.


    Behnam, 11 November, 2017

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