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Life wasn't a romantic dream for women 50 years ago !!!!????

      They  were a group of realistic butterflies who knew how to be careful about their delicate wings .
And in their demands and needs from men they didnt ask for fantasy at all .
The new carefully how to handel the swing of their masculine mood .
When to seek a a safe refuge and when to approach . Ships never sail in stormy weather and they knew that by their instinct .
      Women knowledge helped in protecting them from men burst of anger and kept them away from violence . Even if things went wrong for a reason or another the confrontation solution wasn't there . Women seek help from their families or relative to settle things down and get their rights back or leave their spouse when things seems to be difficult .
" a man is a coil " you can't hold in your hand " a man neck is made of strong wild olive trees " so you can't bent .
      However , what media is spreading about men nature is generally false and fake . Men are stubborn and they are no children with mustaches . Men aren't kids or boys . I am not saying that to erase all the merits of them but to confess to my sister women the truth , which is , there's no man on the whole earth a woman can play with , enslave or put under control .
A man can make you happy if he wants to only .

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  •  Absolute...

    One has to respect each other for they being themselves. As women we too definitely wouldn't want to be controlled.as that will never bring happiness rather estrangement....



  • "there's no man on the whole earth a woman can play with , enslave or put under control " didnt' get it.

    Well, Women play the main role in a family in some ethnic societies. Such kind of ethnic people are still available in my country. Women used to control families from the very beginning of history of human being, according to some theorists. Taking control of societies from women is not a remote history comparing to total history of human being on earth. They have pointed this as “world-historic defeat of the female sex” And I'm seeing a posibitity controling of human societies by women again, because these days muscle is not the ultimate power of human being. So If woman takes control again, a historic circle would be completed where male dominance on earth could be a speck like presence in the progress of the history of human being.

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