A beautiful wisdom

Wind said to the sun: What do you think if we bet to take the guy who is sitting in the garden his coat off? The sun agreed but provided that the wind begins this deal first.
The wind began to produce loud and frightening sounds and throw dust in the air, with much power and speed to remove the guy’s coat. The young man kept his coat with all his strength trying to resist against the strong wind that is around him, at this moment, the wind gives up.
The sun smiled, it shone quietly and nicely with its warm that consecrated the place, the young man felt that he doesn’t need to keep the coat on. So he took it off.

Why don’t we make our dealings with each other as the sun? Without any coercion or subjugation and without the use of harsh methods, that can leave scratches on the person soul and personality, so he/she grows with imperfections or lack of confident.

I want by this post to say: don’t throw a fit to any small trouble you face in your life! Try or learn how to take things easy, also you have to know that you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. That means you can’t achieve or succeed without hurdles. Be patient and wise when it comes to decisions in dealing with people, thinking about a situation and solving problems. Because as a result of a bad behavior leads to the loss that cannot be fixed.

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  • I like this story!

  • @ Sono, thank you dear for the encouraging comment :)

    @ Seeker, happy that you liked the story :)

  • Dear Noas,

    thanks for your comment. Just wanted to add: Negotiation worked in the past, it isn't working nowaday. Sword and fight must be used  in this time. I am not talking about countries and politics but about dealing with people and how should be flexible! Dear Noas You know very well that there are some countries that you cannot negotiate with them! :) 

  •  Estanis,

    I am neither a wise person nor an angel, I am a human like you. Don't think that I don't get angry at all .... because I do ... in fact I have a nervous mood, but I always try to not fight in other word I don't chose to use this way at least. Can you tell me the benefit of fight ? I would tell you! You are going just to waste your energy, hurting people and harm your health. I know .. it's not easy but try!

    Thanks for the comment :)

  • Excellent thoughts you shared. Method did you explain your points is good enough. Manner of speaking is a art and you used.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • What a nice blog. This reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi, where he led his people for freedom with peaceful way. The same with our first Prime Minister, Tengku Abdul Rahman, when he led the independence of Malaysia from the British Empire with negotiation, rather swords and fighting.

  • Ufff!... Have no words.. I was wrong, you're not a wise person, you must be an ANGEL

    How do you do to get across this peace and calm?
  • Thanks for your comment habibti Aliouche, you're most welcome :-*

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