If someone has a history of hurting you, the worst thing you

can do is recreate the moments with them.

You must put an end to the chapter of conflict and start

writing the beginning of peace.

  - Dodinsky.

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  • As far as I know bad things are the best lesson for us. But from time to time we repeat them again and again and I don't know why. Thank you dear  Mario for your comment.

    Unfortunately my country is still at war

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  • I agree with you ,we need learn form the bad things for dont again, I hope in you country have more peace

  • you are right Idiom Fetcher . the peaceful land is always better. 

    people must live in peace. we shouldn't bear hurting. 

  • follow the second,surely to the peaceful land!
  • I agree with you dear Elf Noor. I learnt it too from my bad experience.

    Thank you for comment. 

  • (thoughts of someone)when someone hurts us in history. we do nothing and react in patience. then in future the person think that we will do nothing, and then the person hurts us again and again..

    I think its not necessary to do same r react in same/bad way. but at least it should be realized to that person that he/she is doing wrong. hurting someone is not good. the person should think before hurting someone that As he get pain when someone hurts him, others also can get  pain.

  • The start is always the hardest thing but If we have done it eventually we feel freedom from a burden.

    Thank you for comment Kiriku. 

  • It's definitely true but how to start is always a tough question, I sometimes just feel too tired...

  • Thanks Samuel for your great words but sometimes it is too late to transform.

  • yeah dear Mishaikh.We should be stronger. Life is not easy. We can face

    different situations and must be ready for everything.

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