2021-10 : I wonder..


It's has been a while,  Do you miss me?   I wonder... 

I have been away for 2 months.  I stop using social media.   I didn't post much on my social media.  I don't know why, but it feels kinda depressed.  It's like I am thinking so many things and yet it's empty.  

I have been listening to music, reading online ebooks, and watching drama.   I have been searching for a happy ending. 

Daily routine the same tho.  Work from home and office.  I got a new laptop from the company, which is good because my old laptop space is not enough for all the works.  It keeps lagging.  

4 months away till the new year.  Do you know what it is means!!.??? 

hehehe *giggling


It is time again for me to search for a New Planner for 2022.   Yay!!


Fizzy @ thinking which planner


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  • Wish u a peaceful life. 😊

    • Thank you Zahra.

      peaceful life to you too

  • Well, I've been a passive user of all my social media account....for years. And I am still alive, even better :)

    Welcome back.


    • That's good Peony. 

      Thank you  =)

  • Fizzy...!!!


    Lol your new planner again.  Let us help choose 😃

    • Estanis...!!!

      I will share it in my next blog  =)

  • Kami merindukan kamu, Fizzy! We miss you a lot. Extend my regards to your family and friends. Fizzy is the apple of My EC. God bless you.

    • Thank you daragino.. I already sent your regard to my sis... 

  •     Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. God bless you.

    • God bless to you too sewar  =)

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